We have several rooms available for an intimate shower.  We also have a large room to accommodate those with a large number of family and Friends.  We allow three hours of time in your rental fee. Sundays are available to hold your shower or any other day of the week.  Historically, Sunday seems to be the most popular day for a shower.   


     Your shower may be ladies only or co-ed to share your day with your Bestie.  There is a rental fee for the venue based on the number of guests that you have.  We can also customize a menu specific to your needs.    We can prepare something as simple as sandwiches, fruit trays and vegetable trays or a complete full plated meal.   


                   A popular menu is:        

            Ham/turkey sandwiches on rolls

             chicken salad on croissants

             cold pasta salad

             fruit tray with dip

             vegetable tray with dip

             Tea and Lemonade 

             And you bring the cake!

     This menu is $15.00 per person.  If you would prefer a different light menu or a more substantial one contact the Castle Hill staff for a complete list of our menus.

     We also have wine and beer and Sangria available.  We offer a punch bowl of Sangria for $65.00.  The sangrias are served with large silver ladles in antique punch bowl cups. 


     For any of our Showers we supply the tables, chairs, table cloths and napkins in your choice of colors. This is included in the venue rental cost.  We set up all chairs tables and cloths to your specification and we do all of the clean up.  You may decorate the tables any way you like.  

A deposit of one half of the rental fee and a contract is required to hold your date for your shower.